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My name is Bianca and I am a full time working mom, software engineer by day and a lifelong home cook and baker who is passionate about healthy eating.  I come from a large family with different backgrounds and culturally our life has always revolved around the kitchen. One of my earliest memories is sitting on my  grandmother’s countertop, sneaking a taste of whatever was going in one of her dishes. At that age, cooking was like a puzzle for me and I was mesmerized by the entire process, anxiously anticipating the final product.  I gladly dropped all of my toys just to watch polenta be slowly and lovingly stirred by my grandmother.

When I was ten years old and well into my early teens my life took an unexpected turn. I ended up living under siege for three years and normal life became a quest for survival in my home town of Sarajevo.  Cooking became something we all had to do. We had to become creative and figure out how to make food exciting, yet nutritious enough to survive. For me, at that age and during that difficult time,  it was a creative outlet.  It was something I could do to forget all that was going on.  Today, in a much different life, I  still have the same childlike wonderment about cooking, but now instead of fighting to survive, I use that deep passion and interest for cooking to make something exciting for my entire family, with my toddler often joining me to taste test. 

I am starting this blog as a throwback and an honor to my grandmother. While I watched her cook, I never really documented her recipes and neither did she. She was always a “cook by feel” kind of a person. Full disclosure, I am very much like that, but I hope to change along with this blog.  

I am deeply committed to healthy eating that is flexible enough to fit busy schedules.  My recipes are always healthy and can fit a variety of dietary needs, but we do entertain and celebrate Holidays so you will see a variety of cocktails, desserts and comfort foods.

In my free time, I am always reading cookbooks, lifestyle magazines, other blogs and I love watching America’s Test Kitchen and Martha Stewart on PBS.

I hope you stick with me on this culinary journey and I hope you find my ideas and recipes helpful and useful and I hope I learn something from you.



© 2015 Bianca Lankford