Easy, healthy, sometimes indulgent recipes


No Knead Bread

No Knead bread is not a new thing. In fact in went through an incredible Instagram photo binge ever since the New York Times interview when New York Baker Jim Lahey invited Mark Bittman for an interview.  That recipe can be found here.  I adapted this recipe from the original. Yet, when all this happened, I somehow missed it.  It took a visit from my uncle who lives in Europe for me to discover it. He simply said, “Didn’t you see this on YouTube?” Actually, no, but now that I have I can’t live without it.  The beauty of this bread is in its simplicity and minimalism. It does not require special artistry, just time and patience.

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Basic Pizza Dough

Great pizza always starts with great dough.  There are different ways to enjoy the crust, thick, super thin, but my favorite is a blistered exterior with a soft interior. Dough may sound intimidating because of longer rising time, but in fact it is extremely simple to make. Nothing beats homemade pizza crust.  It is amazing what incredible flavor comes out of flour, water, salt and a little olive oil.  In fact my favorite pizza was something I had years ago in a little restaurant in Rome where it was drizzled with really great olive oil, topped with lots of fresh Arugula and a touch of shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano.  It was so simple, but it tasted amazing.  There was so little on it in terms of ingredients that every ingredient was allowed to shine.

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Basic Dinner Rolls

Nothing speaks of comfort at home like fresh bread baking in the oven. I always bake rolls or any type of bread last so when everyone is walking towards the dining table, they are welcomed by that amazing aroma. I associate this with home because I grew up in a city covered in small bakeries.  It is hard to describe how amazing it is to walk down the street, on a cold, dreary evening and have your day brightened by a mix of savory and sweet baked goods spread through the streets.  I like replicating that kind of an experience when I can and especially during Holiday season. I  have also realized that the easiest way to feed a crowd is to have the oven do the work and just churn out the fresh goods. Isn’t it true that everything tastes so much better when there is a basket of warm bread or rolls on the table?

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