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Strawberry Mojito

Super easy summertime strawberry mojito, made with fresh mint and juicy, ripe strawberries.

strawberry mojito

Summertime just calls for these types of cocktails. Long hot days, abundance of fresh fruit and herbs just beg to be mixed in a summery “I want to getaway to a tropical place”  type of a drink.  This drink evokes that feeling for me.  It is not too sweet, the mint makes it refreshing and the rum gives it just enough of a tropical feel that is reminiscent of a perfect getaway.  

In addition to eating fresh strawberries, mixing them in smoothies, plain yogurt this cocktail is a great way to use up extra berries from the Farmer’s Market

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Classic Refreshing Moscow Mule

moscow muleI don’t know how it has taken me this many years to try a Moscow Mule. I had seen them everywhere. I knew they were served in gorgeous copper mugs, but somehow I always passed on them.  Finally,  one of my cool colleagues talked me into trying one.  I can easily say that was the moment where the obsession began. I knew these would become my entertaining staples.

Fast forward to a few days later,  a couple of hours of research and I found myself on a quest to find copper mugs. Online search led me to find copper mugs at a local Target which had them at  a reasonable price. Before I knew it, here I was spending my Saturday evening purchasing mugs, ginger beer, vodka and limes with my mother-in-law as my accomplice.

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