Pumpkin seeds are a perfect reward that comes from an overabundance of fall pumpkins.

pumpkin seeds

It is the same story every year. I buy way too many pumpkins, little ones, big ones, medium ones, it is a pumpkin overload. In addition, there are always multiple pumpkin patch family trips that yield even more pumpkins. I am in the process of baking the pumpkins that are still good, but seeds came first. Pumpkin seeds are my favorite snack. It takes some effort to get the seeds cleaned out and separated, but it is sooooo worth it.  I am doing my basic recipe, with just oil and sea salt, but these can be made with any seasonings. Feeling the pumpkin flavor? Mix the seeds with some sugar and pumpkin pie spice. Interested in a little bit of a bolder spicier flavor?  Mix the seeds with cumin, salt and a touch of chipotle powder.

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