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Greek Style Quinoa

greek style quinoa

Incredibly easy, healthy delicious greek style quinoa that makes a great side or perfect as a meal on its own.

Well, I cannot believe it has been months since I have posted something.  I have a list of good excuses, but they are just excuses so I will not go into details. I can say, I will try to do a better job with posting something more often.  It is a personal goal that I have not done a great job meeting in any way. 
A few weeks ago we had a potluck at work. It was great fun. Everyone did a great job bringing something delicious and as we are a group that likes to eat, there was an enormous amount of food.  As for me, I got carried away and singed up for way too many things. My kitchen looked like Christmas and Thanksgiving combined and cleanup was not pretty.  One of the dishes I made was this greek style quinoa because I thought it would be easy to travel and its flavors are familiar enough that everyone would like it.  The other thought was, usually these types of get togethers have so much unhealthy food that it would be nice to have a healthy dish.  Luckily, it worked out.

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Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Easy “power” quinoa salad with fresh summer vegetables.

quinoa salad

I must apologize for taking a long break from writing on this blog.  It is not for the lack of recipes, it is simply due to lack of time to take pictures of what I cook.  But here we are, it is the end of summer, and my all-summer-long-activity has been packing lunches on a Sunday.  I have also been pretty lucky that my garden has been abundant in peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. I planted way more than that, but other plants did not do so well. You know all those people that bring their amazing zucchini to the office, well that isn’t me. Mine did nothing.However,thanks to my other plants doing so well, I came up with this quinoa salad. This is also a great way to use up what is in season, meaning if you get it for cheap at the grocery store or farmer’s market, it is a great way to plan ahead.

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Vegetarian Lasagna with Squash and Spinach

Vegetarian Lasagna with summer squash and baby spinach that is wonderfully healthy, nutritious and makes a great make ahead meal.

vegaterian Lasagna

I originally saw this recipe in Rachel Ray magazine which an also be found here.  This dish caught my attention because I knew that my summer garden would  yield lots of zucchini and yellow squash and I am always looking for creative ways to use summer produce.  I love how easy this vegetarian lasagna is to customize and I can make this on a Sunday and have dinner for several nights.  Additionally, the large amount of basil gives the finished product such a fresh, inviting summery flavor and it makes it difficult to stop with just one serving.  Of course, you could switch up the herbs, but when it comes to gardening the one thing that always thrives for me are herbs, so for me basil is plentiful. 

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Egg White Omelet

It is finally Christmas Eve and guests are set to arrive soon. This is such an exciting time of the year, but with all the Holiday parties, cookie swaps it is an eating fest.  I am always in this “in between” place, looking to have something light and healthy and also ready to start making the big Holiday dishes.  I decided to start the day with this easy, vegetable egg white omelet.

Egg White Omelet
I finished my grocery shopping for the big day so in an attempt to avoid the craziness at the grocery store, I pulled out a few things that I had both in my garden and in my fridge.
My items on hand are baby spinach (one of the two things growing in my winter garden), egg whites, portobello mushrooms and feta cheese.  I could write several pages about how much I love feta cheese, but I’ll hold back on that. It may seem too crazy.  It may be too early in this blog to reveal the deep love of feta cheese.  I especially love feta cheese mixed with eggs but I think it is even better with egg whites because a little goes a long way. Egg whites which can be very bland and they get transformed by the salty, bold flavor of feta.

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Homemade pumpkin puree

pumpkin puree

This year, between various pumpkin patches, magical pumpkin fairies and my own lack of willpower not to buy pumpkins, I have an overload of pumpkins.  Almost all are sugar pumpkins, meaning they have a sweet, meaty flesh that will lend itself well to use in pies or other desserts.

Something that is often easily forgotten is pumpkin is so versatile and can be used in so much more than desserts. Some of my favorite ways are to use it are pasta, hummus, smoothies and pumpkin soup. At some point, I would love to recreate a pumpkin lobster bisque that I had a few years back at a resort, but that will require a different time since I am not in the habit of having an entire lobster handy to make fine lobster stock.

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